Corporate and Business Law


If you’re forming and protecting a huge corporation or a small business, legal counsel is not only advisable but in reality a necessity. Nevada Law Group can help you with the initial organization of your business and continue working with you throughout the lifetime of your business.

Most aspects of running a business have some legal consequences. Whether your business is just starting up, expanding, or winding down, you must comply with the federal, state, and local laws that govern your business activities. We can help with the vital areas concerning business, such as laws, regulations, structuring, capital, contracts and more.

Our firm handles a broad range of corporate work, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate organization and maintenance, reorganizations, restructuring and compliance matters. We have comprehensive business knowledge and represent clients in a wide variety of industries.

At Nevada Law Group, we are experienced in business issues and knowledgeable in the areas of general corporate law, partnership and limited liability company laws, commercial and contract law. We also review, negotiate and draft executive compensation arrangements and prepare those sensitive non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.

However, if it becomes necessary, our attorneys can steer you through business disputes and will litigate on your behalf.

For us, safeguarding your business is of the utmost importance whether it’s a start-up company, small businesses or major corporation. In business, it’s always best to safeguard your assets. One wrong move could spell disaster and we strive to shepherd your business through the legal maze. We’ll help you be prepared and we’ll think ahead for you.